Bringing Dance and Music Together (suspended)

Year: 2020-2021
DanceForce Member: Nancy Long
Artist: Nancy Long, Kyle Barrett Price
Community Partners: Caroga Arts Collective; Glove Theater, Gloversville NY; Utica Dance Foundation
Audience: 394
County: Fulton

For the second year, DanceForce member, Nancy Long, will partner with Kyle Price, Caroga Arts Collective, to present an evening of music and dance. This program of original choreography and live music to be performed at the Glove Theater, Gloversville, NY during the Caroga Arts Collective Summer Music Festival in July 2020. Three short works, including new work by a guest choreographer (yet to be selected) will feature contemporary choreography to the music from the Baroque (Scarlatti), Romantic (Faure) and Modern Eras (Marc Mellits’).

The Glove Theatre, which originally held 800 seats, today has space for about 400. Having fallen in to disrepair, The Glove Theatre has recently experienced renewed interest and support locally. Following the performance by Caroga Arts and Utica Dance in the summer 2019, The Glove Theater underwent initial repairs including a new roof and carpeting.

The Caroga Arts Collective and Utica Dance share a mission to provide arts participation and exposure to the residents of Fulton County and the neighboring counties and will host a companion event to their “Instrumental Petting Zoo” held annually at Sherman’s Park, Utica Dance will conduct workshops for “Making Dances” for children ages 5-12 and the results will be presented informally at the end of the workshops. The workshops can accomodate about 24 in each session.

The Caroga Arts Collective participation is generously underwritten by a private local sponsor and the dance portion of the project is made possible with fund from the New York DanceForce, a program of the New York State Council on the Arts and other private donations.