Kinetic Light / Alice Sheppard Residency

Year: 2020-2021
DanceForce Member: Jim Self
Partnering Member: Ivan Sygoda
Artist: Alice Sheppard
Community Partners: CherryArts Theater; Finger Lakes Independent Center; Jim Self
Audience: 275
County: Tompkins

Kinetic Light Dance Company directed by Alice Sheppard will visit Ithaca, New York in June 2021 for five days of creative time, performance, and community outreach activities. Exact dates are June 8-13, 2021.

Leading up to and during the time in Ithaca, Kinetic Light will explore new material, re-purpose older work for “alternative” touring spaces, and engage with local artists.

Public activities include two informal performances for general audiences, and two community outreach events for students and/or disability groups. As part of the “Dance Floor Dialogues” Series, local chair dancer Rik Daniels will be invited to engage with Kinetic Light using spoken word and related movement interactions. The format would be most like a lecture/ demonstration. Alice Sheppard will also present a movement workshop for a limited number of invited participants determined by the guest company.

The expected audience will be approximately 200 people for the performances and up to 75 people for the community events. This residency intends to educate and inform the local community as it presents content and material that will broaden the support and knowledge of the possibilities for movement performance by the disability community and supporters. A priority will be to invite disability and dance advocates from the Finger Lakes / Upstate New York area to attend the events and engage with Kinetic Light Company as potential future residency sponsors.

Project Director and Ithaca DanceForce member, Jim Self, will be partnering with The CherryArts Space to present and host the residency.