Kyle Abraham Collaborates with a Visual Artist at UAlbany

Screen shot from Kyle Abraham and Carrie Schneider’s Dance Response video – I Am Sold

Year: 2021-2022
DanceForce Member: Kim Engel
Artists: Kyle Abraham, Carrie Schneider
Community Partners: The Egg, Albany; UAlbany Art Museum; UAlbany Performing Arts Center
Audience: 5,150
County: Albany

In 2015-16, the UAlbany Performing Arts Center and the University Art Museum, both located on the main campus of the University at Albany, jointly hosted visual artists/choreographers Gerard & Kelly for a residency that spanned two months and included lectures, workshops, performances and an exhibition. Based on its overwhelming success, the two hosts have been looking for an opportunity to collaborate in a similar way and are currently in discussion with choreographer/dancer Kyle Abraham and Carrie Schneider, a visual artist working in photography and film. Discussions are preliminary but confirmed is an exhibition of the pair’s Dance Response video project in the University Art Museum during the fall semester. The works are choreographed and performed by Kyle Abraham and directed by Carrie Schneider. Inspired in part by James Blake’s album Overgrown, the duo released these dance shorts over the course of a year using Blake’s album, Kanye West’s Yeezus LP and others.

Continuing on their previous collaboration and during some creative time at UAlbany, Carrie and Kyle are hoping to create an intimate series of movement-based improvised film portraits that give a detailed view into various states of a creative process. Captured in one-minute segments, this new series moves from inspiration to the post-event and documents the creative space past the point of exhaustion. Questions the collaborators hope to encounter through the making of this work are:

1) What new information can be uncovered?
2) What new movement sensibilities and ideas emerge for both the filmmaker and the choreographer?
3) What are structural similarities between choreography and film that evoke care, breaking down, repair?

Discussions over the next few months will determine the time, space and resources that the UAlbany hosts can commit to the artists’ creative process. It will also be explored if lectures, workshops and master classes can be offered, both on and off the UAlbany campus. Ideally, new work created at UAlbany will be on display in the Museum’s Well/Being: An Exhibition on Healing and Repair which explores topics of kinship, reparations, disability justice, chronic illness, convalescence, sleep deprivation, the emotional costs of caregiving and various incarnations of love. The exhibit will be on display throughout the Fall 2021 semester.

This project will be of significance to the artists as it will provide them with what they need to collaborate again. Capital Region audiences will benefit by being afforded the opportunity to see their collaborative process and potentially the results of their labors