NYS Choreographers Initiative 2023 Scoring System

Applicants are scored on:

  • Artistic Excellence
  • Project Excellence
  • Impact on the Choreographer’s Career


5= Excellent, one or no weaknesses
4= Strong, very few weaknesses
3= Good, some weaknesses
2= Weak, many weaknesses
1= Not competitive

Artistic Excellence

Sample Indicators:

  • Video samples show evidence of a commitment to investigation of ideas related to movement generation *
  • Video samples show ability to set parameters for the movement research, changing though they may be from piece to piece *
  • Opportunities/awards from presenters, funders, arts service organizarions etc. (as documented in applicant bio)
  • Their existing body of work holds promise of significant works in the future

*as is true in NYSCA Panels, any panelists who have seen an artist’s work in performance can comment on that experience and take it into consideration when they evaluate. 

Project Excellence

Sample Indicators:

  • Clearly articulates areas of exploration/interest
  • Well thought out
  • Mentor is an excellent match for the choreographer
  • Project takes full advantage of the opportunity to experiment

Potential Impact on the Choreographer’s Career

Sample Indicators:

  • The Mentor will have a major impact on the choreographer’s artistic development, giving them new tools in their choreographic toolbox and new ways of critiquing & editing their own work
  • The project provides the choreographer with an opportunity to work with a  choreographic mentor to whom they would not otherwise have access
  • The experience is likely to lead to ongoing relationships with new colleagues and artists
  • The experience is likely to lead to new opportunities and successes for the choreographer