NYS DanceForce Projects On Line

Year: 2021-2022
DanceForce Member: Toni Smith

This is a non-funded year for Toni Smith. She will spend the year researching, planning and doing outreach to identify the following:

  • Contact 4 to 6 Artists that recently worked with DF Members and have video/film footage of their work
  • Identify a wiki/video technician who is skilled and experienced at mounting, editing and refining work to be presented on the internet
  • Develop a marketing/outreach plan to reach a digital audience
  • Design a budget that can be implemented in the 2022/23 DF cycle
  • Identify a financial interchange method that can be easily accessed by an internet audience to make payments/donations on line.

2022/23 will be an implementation cycle for the research and planning listed above. If all works well, the template and be repeated in subsequent years.