10 Hairy Legs Residency

10 Hairy Legs

Year: 2019-2020
DanceForce Member: Robin Collen
Artist: Randy James
Community Partners: SUNY Potsdam
Audience: 460
County: St. Lawrence

On Monday, September 30, DanceForce member Robin Collen is bringing 10 Hairy Legs, a contemporary dance company, to the Department of Theatre and Dance at SUNY Potsdam for a teaching/performing residency. The company consists of 5 performers and Artistic Director Randy James. All company members are trained and experienced teachers. Over the course of 4 days they will teach 4 contemporary dance classes, 2 ballet classes, and 3 choreography classes. These classes are part of the current curriculum and schedule for dance majors in the Department. On Thursday, October 3 at 7:30 p.m. the company will provide a full evening performance of repertory works in the Proscenium Theater of the Performing Arts Center on the SUNY Potsdam campus. The number of audience members is estimated at 300. A breakdown of the schedule is as follows:

Monday Sept. 30.
• Teach 2 classes: Modern Dance one/two and Modern Dance three/four 1:00-2:45
• Teach Dance Composition 1 – 3:00-4:45

Tuesday Oct. 1
• Teach Intermediate Ballet – 9:30-10:45
• Teach Student Choreographers’ Concert Course: 4:00-6:00 p.m.

Wednesday Oct. 2
• Teach 2 classes: Modern Dance one/two and Modern Dance three/four 1:00-2:45
• Teach Dance Composition 1 – 3:00-4:45
• Tech rehearsal in the evening

Thursday Oct. 3
• Teach Intermediate Ballet – 9:30-10:45
• 7:30 performance

The SUNY Potsdam Department of Theatre and Dance will partner DanceForce in this event. The performance will be marketed as family-friendly in hopes of reaching audience members of all ages.

The significance of this project for the community is 3-fold. First, bringing a professional dance company to St. Lawrence County—a rural area which is at a significant distance from a large city with ample dance opportunities—will expose local residents to the rare opportunity of high-quality professional dance. Second, as an all-male dance company, 10 Hairy Legs offers audiences a unique experience, and has the possibility of inspiring boys (and their parents) in the audience to recognize the possibilities of dance as a career for men. Third, because 10 Hairy Legs commissions and performs works from a multitude of choreographers, each of those choreographers will be received and recognized by a wider audience.