Fly By Night Dance

Janet Aisawa of Fly By Night Dance in I CAN’T NOT. Photo by Fred Hatt

Year: 2024-2025
DanceForce Member: Cynthia Williams
Artist: Julie Ludwick
Community Partner: Hobart & William Smith Colleges Dance Department, Geneva
Audience: 265
County: Ontario

In partnership with the HWS Department of Dance & Movement Studies, we will present Fly By Night Dance Company for a four day teaching and performing residency at HWS Colleges September 18-21, 2024. Fly By Night Dance is an aerial dance company under the artistic direction of Julie Ludwick. The residency will feature master classes in aerial dance, somatic contemporary dance technique, and the performance of a dance concert in Deming Dance Theatre.

Writing in Backstage magazine, Lisa Jo Sagolla stated: “Aerial dance choreographer Julie Ludwick should be enjoying greater notoriety than she currently garners in the contemporary dance world. The history books will surely recognize her as an exceptional artist who has taken modern dance to new places (literally) and mined its expressive potential in a truly original fashion. As the artistic director of Fly-by-Night Dance Theater, Ludwick has developed a movement language that extends the spatial and kinetic possibilities of modern dance by blending it with low-flying trapeze work, yet with no evocation of circus-trick sensibilities.”

Fly By Night Dance will introduce the HWS community to aerial dance, seen here only in summer dance conferences. Artistic Director Julie Ludwick is a superb teacher and we are thrilled to introduce our students and community to aerial dance, and to contemporary choreography that is unlike anything they have seen before. We are especially pleased to support this company for its involvement in substantial efforts to promote diversity, equity and inclusion in its community; the somatic and aesthetic ethos of the company is in alignment with our departmental values. In addition to aerial dance and somatic contemporary dance master classes for HWS students, we hope to involve the larger Geneva community to participate in this exciting art form through outreach to the Boys and Girls Club of Geneva, and forming new partnerships with Rochester NY-based aerial dance studios, such as Aerial Arts of Rochester and/or Roc City Circus

We are hoping to attract new audiences who may find aerial dance more exciting and more approachable than “modern dance.” The estimated audience for the performance, based on generally declining audience numbers overall at our venue, is 150, although we hope to attract new community members. The significance of the project is to both support this largely undiscovered artist and to broaden our community’s definition of concert dance, and to inspire future dance artists.