Flamenco Through the Disciplines

Year: 2011-2012
DanceForce Member: Carlota Santana
Artists: Joaquin Gallegos, Leslie Roybal, Carlota Santana
Community Partner: Cornell University
Audience: 422
County: Tompkins

The goal was to introduce the community to the Flamenco art form and to see how it crosses disciplines. Classes were held for a Middle school – some who were studying Spanish language and others who were studying Euorpean History. This was a cross curricular presentation. A workshop was held om Monday evening September 26 and led by four Flamenco Vivo artists: musicians, dancers and singers. This workshop attracted 57 people on the Cornell University Campus and included people from age 6 to 60–showing that this art form is accessible and available to all.

Tuesday September 27: an evening performance was held with about 250 attendees from the Cornell and surrounding communities; a full hour production was given. On Wednesday morning the artists visited a Music Class on campus (world music) and spoke and worked with class for the entire class period. Class were led mostly by Flamenco Vivo musicians-guitarist and singer. The artists also dined with the Spanish House students on Monday evening sharing their knowledge of Spanish and the art form.

Artists: Leslie Roybal, Joaquin Gallegos, Ricardo Santiago, and Giselle Asad.

Tuesday September 27: the four artists visited a middle school and taught two workshops to 90 6,7, and 8th graders with hands-on activities and cultural aspects of the art form.

The Middle school was a new partnership for Cornell and Jim Self.