Choreographers in the Studio

Maloney Dance. Photo by Paz Tanjuaquio at Topaz Arts

Year: 2017-2018
DanceForce Member: Paz Tanjuaquio
Artists: Gierre Godley/PROJECT 44, Guanglei Hui, Mariah Maloney

Community Partner: NYS Assemblyman Brian Barnwell of District 30
Audience: 300
County: Queens

TOPAZ ARTS presented Choreographers in the Studio supporting dance artists in creative development residencies and showing of new works. 3 choreographers were invited to participate in a residency at Topaz Arts, each receiving free rehearsal space and a showing of new work during FY2017-2018:

Oct. 11, 2017: During their Fall 2017 residency, Gierre Godley and his all male troupe PROJECT 44, performed a duet work as part of “Celebrate Who You Are Proudly: A Reception for LGBTQ Pride” in an event in partnership with Assemblyman Brian Barnwell of District 30 at Topaz Arts on Oct. 11, 2017.

Dec. 17, 2017: Mariah Maloney Dance presented a new work “Liquid Structure” that was developed during her residency at Topaz Arts from Sept-Dec 2017.

Spring 2018: Guanglei Hui from Guangzhou, China, participated in only residency time at TOPAZ ARTS in March-April 2018 and is developing new material for his company Cross Move Lab and his collaborator Tsai Hsi Hung.

From choreographer Mariah Maloney:
“The Topaz Arts residency provided me and my dancers, Breckyn Dresher and Joyce Edwards a sanctuary experience where we felt a quietude, depth of presence, a creative muse and community interaction and support. The residency and showing at Topaz Arts offered us essential time to cultivate a new work in a safe space, to share the work in an intimate, informal showing and to receive feedback from audience members. The audience feedback has informed my continued cultivations and investigations of the work titled Liquid Structure. We also enjoyed conversations with Topaz Arts gallery artists about their work and process, it feels important and affirming to have an opportunity to create in a space where other artists are thriving. I am filled with gratitude to Paz and Todd for their generosity and support, the Topaz Arts residency supported and grew my process and artistry on a deep level.”