Collaborations to Ignite New Community Partnerships with Music and Dance

Year: 2019-2020
DanceForce Member: Nancy Long
Artists: TBD
Community Partner: Caroga Arts Collective
Audience: 575
Counties: Fulton, Oneida

“A Collaboration to Ignite New Community Partnerships in Music and Dance” will bring artists together to create and present new work. Artistic Advisors Nancy Long and Kyle Price will begin by identifying artist collaborators in music and dance to develop a project to be presented in Fulton and Oneida Counties. At each stage of the development of the project, work sessions and rehearsals will be open to groups of community members to learn about the creative processes. There will be an emphasis on educating and engaging aspiring artists ages 12-25. Public presentations will target audiences of all ages and age-appropriate activity-based workshops for children ages six to adult will be offered.

“A Collaboration to Ignite New Community Partnerships in Music and Dance” planning sessions will take place during the Caroga Arts Collective InterArts Symposium in Fulton County during the first week of July 2019. Once the Artistic Directors in music and dance are identified, and the project outlined, the creative process will commence during the summer 2019. Community outreach activities and performances will take place in various locations in Fulton and Oneida Counties between August 2019 and June 2020.

During the planning process, potential collaborators will be challenged to think about how music and dance have been inspiring collaborations in past centuries. By considering the many works of dance and music that would not have been created without the instigation of either a choreographer or composer, our hope is to ultimately spark a new collaboration that will make lasting impressions in the fields of music and dance and inspire a community in the process.

Once selected, the Directors of music and dance will be assigned a chamber group of musicians and dancers, of approximately 8-10 each, who will be assembled to carry out their vision. Every effort will be made to allow the creative process to be open to the public.

About the collaborator partners:

The Caroga Arts Collective (Caroga Arts) is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization based in Caroga Lake, NY. Guided by cellist Kyle Barrett Price, “Caroga Arts seeks to bring together a community of artists to collaborate across fields and genres on interdisciplinary projects. Caroga Arts focuses on revitalizing local culture, business, and life by providing unique experiences through collaborative performances, exhibits, community outreach events and adult/youth education.”
As a long-time dance advocate and DanceForce member, Nancy Long has demonstrated her ability to bring artists to Oneida, Fulton and Otsego Counties for creative collaborations and educational projects. Her projects have included commissioning new work by modern choreographers and serving as a teaching artist in regional schools. For continuity, this project will build on the relationship developed in a previous DanceForce project and other Caroga Arts Collective programs presented at the Paul Nigra Center for the Arts, Fulton County.