Dancing Green

Paz Tanjuaquio in MIND FIELD at Dance at Socrates 2014 Photo by Todd Richmond
Paz Tanjuaquio in MIND FIELD at Dance at Socrates 2014
Photo by Todd Richmond

Year: 2015-2016
DanceForce Member: Elena Mosley
Artists: Paz Tanjuaquio, Todd Richmond
Community Partners: City of Hudson
Audience: 210
County: Columbia

Kuumba Dance and Drum presented Topaz Arts in the “Dancing Green” project. Artistic Director and choreographer Paz Tanjuaquio used the green environment to connect the audience with dance. Paz presented “Mind Field”, which was created within a set piece that simulated abstract fields and orchards. Rather than perform on a traditional stage, Mind Field was performed creating a sensory experience for the audience to watch as well as move through different painted scenes. Although the research for the work was done in Japan and the Philippines, “Mind Field” explored the interrelated practices of agriculture and art that shapes our culture and our landscape; very appropriate for the main aspect pf Columbia County which is agriculture. The setting of the performance was changed from an inside space to the beautiful Hudson River Front Park, which offered much green scenery along the Hudson river. The building of the set was exciting in itself. Many people watched as Todd built the bones of the performance sculpture, then applied a beautiful abstract flowery-landscape canvas. The lighting, the next layer of the design, illuminated the beauty of the art work. Once the music filled the atmosphere and the dancers appeared, the audience was transported to a natural paradise.

Email blasts, social media, hand given post cards and press releases were featured in the local news papers. There were notable audience members attending for the first time, including the director of Art Omi, which holds an international dance residency each summer, and the co-director of the Hudson Opera House.