Kaatsbaan Creative Residency

Year: 2012-2013
DanceForce Member: Gregory Cary
Artist: Juliana May
Community Partner: Kaatsbaan International Dance Center
Audience: 42
County: Dutchess

The goal for the residency at Kaatsbaan International Dance Center was to provide the artist with crucial mid stage development of her work, “Comentary=not thing”. With the work that was being created at its mid point, the artist was in need of exclusive rehearsal space and hours with minimal distractions from outside forces. Also, the work was in need of a showing to get feedback from peers and an unbiased audience. Key artists that participated in the residency were Juliana May, Meggie Thom and Kayvon Pourazar. The residency relationship with Kaatsbaan has been a long relationship where the center allows for week long residencies and participates in the facilitating of these residencies. At the end of the residency, the Kaatsbaan staff helped promote and facilitate an open rehearsal of the work. The open rehearsal for the work allowed for the Kaatsbaan International Dance Center to provide their audience base the exposure to more experimental dance. For the open rehearsal, the audience consisted of a blend of student and senior population.