Kayla Farrish: Residency at Petronio Residency Center

Kayla Farrish in “With grit From, Grace”. Photo by Michelle Yvonne.

Year: 2019-2020
DanceForce Member: Judy Hussie-Taylor
Artist: Kayla Farrish
Community Partner: Petronio Residency Center
Audience: 325
County: Greene

Danspace Project proposes a 7-day residency during the summer of 2019 at the Petronio Residency Center (Greene County, NY) for emerging choreographer Kayla Farrish to create a new evening-length work. The work will premiere at Danspace Project (East Village, Manhattan, NYC) in the fall of 2019 for a three-night run and reach approximately 250 audience members, and also be preceded by a production residency at Danspace for one week.

The Petronio Residency Center is located in Round Top, NY, in the Catskill Mountains of Greene County, and is a new residency center founded by choreographer Stephen Petronio. Danspace and Petronio Residency Center are interested in reaching beyond the walls of the residency center so that Farrish and her collaborators will have the opportunity to interact with youth and others in the local community, and will also likely host a showing for the public.

In her own words, Kayla Farrish will be utilizing the Danspace Project 2019 commission and residencies to:

“…venture into both imagined and reflective worlds and societal environments and landscapes. The evening is a questioning of freedom, acceptance, accountability, and inheritance. Tearing open and continuing the research of capacity of power within With grit From, Grace (2018) and the harsh juxtaposition of flight and flesh, or matter and disappearance within politicized brown bodies of Black Bodies Sonata (2018), the evening will continue these two works. In addition, I will be developing a film through a creative residency (Keshet Makers Space Experience) in New Mexico along White Sands National Monument sand dunes. This will explore the idea of frontier, pioneers, land, ownership, and play with American history and identity. I believe the movement research and films from this exploration will feed into the evening – in between and possibly introducing or tying the works together.”

The evening will include movement, text, music or score, film, imagery, and environment. The opportunity to take advantage of a one-week creative residency at the Petronio Residency Center will be greatly beneficial.