Le Patin Libre – Montreal to Rochester

A group of skaters are moving, backlit on the ice. Photo by Nora Houguenade

Year: 2024-2025
DanceForce Member: Missy Pfohl Smith
Artist: Isaac Lindy
Community Partners: Genesee Figure Skating Club; Rochester Institute of Technology; University of Rochester
Audience: 540
County: Monroe

University of Rochester and Rochester Institute of Technology collaborate to bring Montreal-based Le Patin Libre to Rochester, NY for the first time ever. This unique contemporary ice dance company will perform its acclaimed “Murmuration.”

Choreographed by The Free Skate (Alexandre Hamel, Pascale Jodoin, Samory Ba), “Murmuration” is a new work on ice for 15 ice dancers, created from simple algorithms made complex, inspired by the mysterious phenomenon of flocking birds’ aerial ballets. Micromovements and changes of direction create a domino effect that deviates the trajectory of the group where each one, antennas raised, is constantly on the lookout. In doing so, they explore the dynamic interactions of a harmonious and exhilarating extended family. The dance programs of two Rochester universities will collaborate to present this gorgeous ice dance company at the RIT ice complex, a show that will be open to the public and followed by an open disco skate for beginners through professional-level ice skater, who will join the company dancers on the ice. The company members will also offer dance master classes at both schools, open to the public, as well as a special session for a local figure skating club for youth. Planned for mid-November 2024, the company will share 3 workshop/master classes and one performance, followed by a disco skate for all levels of skaters, all open to the public. This will assuredly be the first time any event of this sort will be held in the Rochester area, and it will be the company’s Rochester debut.