Move, Evolve, Create: Embracing What We’ve Got

Rosalina Lima.

Year: 2020/2021
DanceForce Member: Margarita Espada
Artists: Rosalina Lima, Gloria Llompart, Joan Wozniak
Community Partners: Bay Shore School District; La Fiesta Radio; Teatro Rodante Hispanico
Audience: 250
County: Suffolk

It is my goal to cultivate a new conversation about dance and movement on Long Island. Mainly I am interested in making dance organically accessible to people and serving as a dialogue in the community on issues of colonization, migration, discrimination and stereotyping. With these objectives we will be presenting two residencies of Contact Improvisation directed by two Puerto Rican female artists living in NYC and one Long Island female multimedia artist.

Dance Residency Part 1: One week dance residency – The dancer and choreographer Rosa Lina Lima will work a week in our Firehouse Arts Center on the subject What do we have when we have “nothing”? It will also offer two dance workshops and a final presentation on the work created during her research residency.

Workshops: “Embracing what we’ve got” In this series of workshops participants will experience Contact Improvisation fundamentals through philosophical indices of the body, as stated by French contemporary philosopher Jean-Luc Nancy, from the desire to become aware of ourselves and what surrounds us. What do we have when we have “nothing”? We have our body, our energy, our ideas, perception, perspective, and identity. We also have each other. One week residency from August 3 to 10; presentation ( August 8 )
Dance Residency part 2: Move, Evolve, Create ( Saturdays) Choreographer Gloria LLompart will offer movement workshops to explore the impact of the natural intelligence of the body by educating our conscious movement in a noncompetitive, non- intimidating environment. Fast paced lifestyles detach us from trusting ourselves, the body’s natural intelligence and its capacity to regenerate. In this workshop, attention, intention, touch, and somatic (mindful) movement are used as creative tools to rest from stress, be alert and present in your physical body, and communicate. Topics to explore include colonization, migration, discrimination and stereotyping.
August 8,15,22,29 5 hours section

Videographer Joan Lansen Wozniak will create multimedia images in collaboration with artists to be used as an additional layer to the visual narrative of the project.

Participants: open to all ages and levels of experience and abilities: artists, performers, dancers, yogis, educators, therapists, athletes, and ordinary people.