Rennie Harris Puremovement at Hamilton College

Year: 2023-2024
DanceForce Member: Nancy Long
Artist: Rennie Harris
Community Partners: Hamilton College; JFK Middle School, Utica; Utica Dance
Audience: 578
County: Oneida

Rennie Harris Puremovement Amerian Street Dance Theater, the Philadelphia-based company, is dedicated to preserving and disseminating hip-hop culture. Their residency at Hamilton College and in the Utica area did just that. New audiences and students were entertained and inspired by the classes taught in public and private schools and the performance that took place in Wellin Hall, Hamilton College, Clinton, NY. Performing Arts Director Michelle Reiser-Memmer said this we a dream come true, after decades of effort to put all the necessary pieces together to finally bring the company to Central New York. Two classes were held in three locations: JFK Middle School, Utica Dance and Hamilton College. Many were trying out hip-hop for the first time. Their joy was evident as they enthusiastically danced their way across the floor with the great encouragement of the Rennie Harris Company members. Through the generosity of Michelle Reiser-Memmer, students in the community were given free admission to the show. Rodney Hill, company manager for Rennie Harris, acknowledged Michelle several times for her efforts to bring the company to Hamilton and for her welcome hospitality.