Tricia Brown Dance Company Residency

Year: 2018-2019
DanceForce Member: Jacquie Davis
Artists: Tricia Brown Dance Company
Community Partner: The College at Brockport
Audience: 978
Counties: Monroe

This 2018-19 project was designed to present the Trisha Brown Dance Company in performance and with experiences that support a deeper understanding of Trisha Brown’s work. It was, in essence, part two of an extended focus on this important artist and company. In the fall of 2017 The College at Brockport students learned and performed in concert Set and Reset/Reset, working separately with former company members Mariah Maloney, Vicky Shick, and Irene Hultman. Students had a direct experience learning about Trisha Brown’s creative approach from dancers representing three different periods of company history and audiences saw a beautiful performance of the work.

While it was not possible to bring the full company to Brockport, the two performances (both sold out in advance) provided an opportunity to see an evening of work performed by five of the company’s exceptional dancers. Additional activities were a class at the University of Rochester (several carloads of students and faculty also attended a performance), a very informative public lecture/demonstration, a process focused class for advanced students, a Q & A and a reception after the performances. Students and faculty from Alfred University attended a performance as well, a first. A grant from the School dean allowed more PR outreach than usual, another first. It was clear that a major company with name recognition, better outreach, and the previous exposure to a Trisha Brown work, all made for good ticket sales and a more diverse audience. The department chair and the college’s arts events coordinator fully supported all aspects of the residency. More seats could have been filled with a larger theater or third performance.

Thanks go to the company for patience and extensive planning conversations to make this residency possible on a budget far lower than required for a full tour. Thanks, too, for specially selected educational materials made available for distribution in advance. This was actually a two year project and the effort required on both sides was clearly worth it.