Tricia Brown Dance Company Residency

Trisha Brown. Photo by Bart Michiels

Year: 2018-2019
DanceForce Member: Jacquie Davis
Artists: Tricia Brown Dance Company
Community Partner: The College at Brockport
Audience: 500
Counties: Monroe

The Trisha Brown Dance Company will be in residence at the College at Brockport for four days in early September 2018, including two performances in the Hartwell Dance Theater. This is Part II of a DanceForce project that celebrates the life and work of the iconic Trisha Brown.

With Fall 2017 master classes and re-staging direction by three early company members (Irene Hultman, Mariah Maloney, Vicky Shick) Brockport dance students learned “Set and Reset/Reset” and will continue to perform it through November 2018.

The community will have the opportunity now to see current company members perform other important Trisha Brown works.