Evicted! Physical Theater Performance and Installation

Year: 2019-2020
DanceForce Member: Margarita Espada
Artists: Margarita Espada, Jasmine Dorothy Haefner, Mariana Lima, Segundo Orellana, Joan Wozniak
Community Partners: Bayshore Historical Society; Consulate El Salvador; Latino TV; SUNY Stony Brook
Audience: 240
Counties: Suffolk

“Evicted!” is a multimedia devised piece that integrates dance, theater, voice, music, painting and digital technology. In this production the actor’s body will be used alongside with new technology to create a conversation that explores the ideas of power, borders, property, conquest, identity and the process of adapting in the face of adversity, trauma, and crisis. The production will explore artists’ personal stories as well as the community’s testimony. From the devastating destruction of Hurricane Maria and the colonial politics that have banished thousands from the island of Puerto Rico, to the debate on the caravan of immigrants that struggle to get across the United States border, “Evicted!” looks to build personal narratives that rewrite the story through movement, from the protagonist’s perspective. The performance will run on October 11, 12, and 13 at our new performance space: Bayshore Historical Firehouse.

The community where the project will be presented has a predominantly Latino and African-American population. This project is very significant to both for the director, Margarita Espada, and the community. At the end of 2018 the Yerbabruja Theater lost their arts center in Central Islip. In January of 2019 the Bayshore Historical Society offered the Historical Firehouse as a home base for the company. This project will be the first production to be premiered in this new space. In addition, Yerbabruja Theater is the only professional, multidisciplinary art company in our district with a predominantly Latino and African-American population. The company will also look for other means of income including fundraising events if the project is not fully funded by NYS Danceforce.

Artistic Personnel

Margarita Espada is the founder and executive-artistic director of Teatro Yerbabruja.

Joan Wozniak is a photographer and multimedia storyteller. Joan collaborates as a visual artist, integrating images, projectors, connectors, digital sensors and creating new codes to control interactive technology.

Phillip Baldwin is an immersive environment designer at Stony Brook University. He has current research and authorship in the relationship of space to telematics and telepresence.

Mariana Lima is a movement and performance multidisciplinary artist who incorporates video art, music, and movement to create a dialogue with the means of promoting social change in a diverse range of communities. Her training took place in Puerto Rico and New York. Her latest projects include “Sing and Heal”, an event that focuses on healing trauma through music organized in three different communities in Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria.

Segundo Orellana is a muralist and painter originally from Ecuador. Segundo’s work has been shown at the Phoenix Fine Arts Gallery, Queens Museum, Ecuadorian Consulate and the Soho Gallery.

Jasmine Dorothy Haefner has acted in numerous short films including I’m Listening (Best Comedy Finalist, NY State International Film Festival), The Unexpected (Hoboken International Film Festival), and many others. Jasmine trained at the Giles Foreman Centre for Acting in London, UK and studied the Yat Malmgren Technique of character transformation and movement psychology. She has extensive training in movement-based theater and devising, mask work and Michael Chekhov Technique. Jasmine received her B.A in Theatre Arts, cum laude, from Stony Brook University.