Figures in the Field Four

Julie Nathanielsz and Cindy Stevens

Year: 2019-2020
DanceForce Member: Jim Self
Artists: Patricia Lent, Julie Nathanielsz, Jim Self, Cindy Stevens
Audience: 400
Counties: Tompkins

Figures in the Field Four is the latest version of an ongoing investigation into dance and movement related activities that can be seen literally (in out-door venues), or be the figures that inhabit our collective imagination as we present movement based stories and conversations. This year there are two main fields: “Chantz Gardens” in August/Sept 2019; and “Word World” in Spring 2020 (exact venues and dates to be determined).

“Chantz Gardens” takes place in site-specific outdoor venues where performers use ‘chance’ selection techniques to determine venue sites, sequence construction, and other variables.
“Word World” explores movement and spoken word performance and the relationships between the physical reality of bodies moving in time/space as well as the ‘representation’ of reality conjured by word play.

The mission of this project is to introduce, deepen, and stimulate activity within the fields of site-specific movement work and word/movement performance (major genres of contemporary dance since the early 1960’s). Publicly offering ‘on-site’ performances, classes and workshops, as well as opportunities to learn basic histories of each genre, audiences and participants will have multiple “entry” points to connect with new and possibly unfamiliar realms of physical expression. Each field will include: one performance; two open rehearsal or informal showings; one workshop; and one artist presentation.

A high priority is to showcase and encourage movement artists in the Tompkins County /Fingerlakes regions of New York. Participating artists include: Cynthia Stevens, Julie Nathanielz, Patricia Lent, Jim Self, and others. Participating artists have extensive backgrounds in contemporary dance, improvisation, and/or other forms of body work and movement techniques. For instance: Cynthia Stevens’ dance and vocal performances have been presented in the United States, Canada, Europe and New Zealand since 1982. Merce Cunningham Trustee Patricia Lent will offer a workshop on choreographic processes using chance and indeterminacy.